Result card

  • EFF13: Was the use of Structured telephone support (STS) worthwhile?

Was the use of Structured telephone support (STS) worthwhile?

Authors: Mirjana Huic, Pernilla Östlund, Romana Tandara Hacek, Jelena Barbaric, Marius Ciutan, Cristina Mototolea, Silvia Gabriela Scintee

Internal reviewers: J. Puñal, J. Gonzalez-Enriquez, H. Stürzlinger, A. Lo Scalzo, S. Maltoni

Acknowledgments: We would like to thank Ms Ana Utrobičić, MLIS, the Head of the Central Medical Library at the University of Split School of Medicine, Split, Croatia for development of systematic literature search strategy and performed search on standard medical and HTA databases.

The same methodology was used as described in section for the whole domain.

No SRs or HTAs or RCTs that addressed question “Was the use of Structured telephone support (STS) worthwhile?” were identified.

Huic M et al. Result Card EFF13 In: Huic M et al. Clinical Effectiveness In: Jefferson T, Cerbo M, Vicari N [eds.]. Structured telephone support (STS) for adult patients with chronic heart failure [Core HTA], Agenas - Agenzia nazionale per i servizi sanitari regionali ; 2015. [cited 3 October 2022]. Available from: