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  • TEC9: What equipment and supplies are needed to use IVIG?
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What equipment and supplies are needed to use IVIG?

Authors: Jesús González-Enríquez, Nadine Berndt, Houria Mouas

Internal reviewers: Romana Tandara Haček, Mirjana Huic, Anna-Theresa Renner

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The equipment and supplies needed for the intravenous use of immunoglobulins are {NZ Clinical Immunology Group, 2013; ACT Health, 2013; Younger MEM, 2012}{32,33,37}:

-Needles, bandages, peripheral sterile Intravenous (IV) infusion set and intravenous infusion pump as the use of permanent indwelling ports or central venous lines are usually discouraged due to the risk of infection (especially in antibody deficient patients) and thrombotic events . A specific intravenous line for the only use of IVIG is required and administration of concomitant medications through the same IV line should be avoided.

- Intravenous saline fluids for hydration.

- Appropriate waste disposal.

- Premedication as deemed necessary by the physician and/or IVIG specific products.

- Prescription of symptomatic treatment for headache, fever, flu-like symptoms should be done and drugs available for use if needed.

- Emergency equipment and drugs for treatment of a potential anaphylaxis should be readily available for use during the infusion.

(Please also refer to TEC12, B0012).

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