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  • TEC2: What is the approved indication and claimed benefit of IVIG?
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What is the approved indication and claimed benefit of IVIG?

Authors: Jesús González-Enríquez, Nadine Berndt, Houria Mouas

Internal reviewers: Romana Tandara Haček, Mirjana Huic, Anna-Theresa Renner

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There has been a rapid expansion in the use of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) for an ever growing number of conditions. IVIG has had a major impact in neurology, haematology, immunology, rheumatology and dermatology.

In the last ten years many reviews and evidence based clinical guidelines on the use and indications of IVIG have been published {Micromedex Drugdex Database, 2014; Patwa HS, 2012; Anderson D, 2007}{6,27,28}. In the European context some guidelines have been produced by medical societies {EFNS 2008}{8} or they have been supported and adopted as a reference for best practice guideline to be implemented. The UK Clinical Guidelines for Immunoglobulin Use were first implemented in 2008. The Guidelines were developed utilising an evidence review and extensive consultations with clinicians and other stakeholders. This update fulfils the commitment made in the Second Edition to undertake a biennial review from 2009. The 2011 update limited its focus on defining selection criteria for appropriate use; efficacy outcomes to assess treatment success; and reassignment of existing indications /inclusion of new indications. We show her as a reference the summary of conditions for which IVIG use is considered appropriate {Department of Health, 2011}{5}.(See TEC-2 Figure 1)


TEC-2 Figure 1


Grey indications are those diseases for which the evidence is weak, in many cases because the disease is rare. Approval from both the local Immunoglobulin Assessment Panels and the Primary Care Trust is required for immunoglobulin treatment. In cases of ‘unlisted’ diseases, those not listed in the guidelines are to be considered as Grey. {5}. (See TEC-2 Figure 2)

TEC-2 Figure 2


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