Element card for assessment element A0007 in HTA Core Model Application for Pharmaceuticals (2.0) application

A. Health Problem and Current Use of the Technology

Target Population

What is the target population in this current assessment of the technology?


Relevant for all assessments: both safety and effectiveness depend largely on the subpopulation towards which the intervention is targeted. The technology may be used for all patients with the condition, or only those in the early stages, or at a specific severity level, or for those at moderate risk of having the condition. Personalised medicine divides the target population into even smaller units when targeting the intervention to specific subgroups based on e.g. genetic profile. Use the target population defined in the scope of the project, and consider adding further details and description of who defined the selected subgroups and why.

Sources: HTAs, guidelines, reviews, developers/manufacturers. Method: A descriptive summary.


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