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  • LEG11: What are the width, depth and length of the manufacturers guarantee?
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What are the width, depth and length of the manufacturers guarantee?

Authors: Ingrid Wilbacher, Valentina Prevolnik Rupel

Internal reviewers: Ingrid Rosian

  • We changed the word ”manufacturer” into ”provider” and looked at the duties of the providers of structured telephone support to guarantee appropriate quality
  • Search for professional licencing regulations in the context of one member state (Austria) exemplarily


Within structured telephone support provided by a physical person (like a nurse) and/or a group of professionals evaluating deterioration from the collected data by STS, the guarantee for quality can be given via the professional licencing regulations as it is handled within hospitals. {25} The qualification requirements are regulated at national/regional level.

The qualification of the provider within the structured telephone support should be transparent and according to the national professional standards (i.e. medical professionals’ law/Medizinberufegesetz, physicians’ law/Ärztegesetz, law for healthcare professionals/Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegegesetz, etc., in Austria).

If a national registration for medical professionals is required it should be the same for the providers of the telephone support, especially if treatment advices are given or symptoms are collected and asked for. {1}

The patient should be informed about the identity and the profession of the person calling. (no legal requirement, content of patient information standards)

The documentation of the data within health records requires the identification of the healthcare provider (who did what, when and how)


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